The $130 elliptical we love!

Hopefully you haven't been there - but chances are you have: The feeling of ultra motivation takes over, and you purchase a super- big, super-expensive piece of exercise equipment ...  Only to end up using it as a rack to dry your laundry on.

If you've been burned by large, over-priced equipment before (or if you're trying to avoid that in the first place), take a look at the Joyus elliptical trainer

We love this little guy!

A mega-fast treadmill, it's not. But if you're looking for a low-commitment and easy way to keep moving while catching up on Netflix, this might be the option for you - we love it!

love, A and E

Coffee-Addicts Rejoice! The Top Ten Anti-aging Foods 

We're nuts about anti-aging, especially when it's great for the rest of your bod... So we thought we'd share the top ten anti-aging foods from Coffee: Hooray! coffee's bio-actives can help fend off melanoma- like we needed another reason to drink the serum of life's...

Watermelon: Lycopene helps defend against UV damage.



Lobster: well, it's too bad for the restaurant bill we'll be footing, but Lobster's anti-inflammatory effects can be beneficial. Sorry, not sorry

 lobster fanatics rejoice: 





Cantaloupe: Anyone else surprised? It's the beta carotene!

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