New Year... New Manicure! Getting Philosophical on the Treadmill

Happy New Year! I'm coming to you LIVE from my local gym (seriously). I barely made it in here today, even with my super New Years Resolve. Come on, you know how it goes... the day can really get away from you! But I digress.

Back to Blogging: I don't know about you, but I do my best thinking on the treadmill. I was thinking about future blog-post topics when it struck me: my new no-chip mani actually MATCHES my treadmill. Coincidence?? I'm not so sure...


The Universe (and/or my ultra-talented guru nail pro/business-owner role model, Annie) might be trying to tell me (or remind me of) something.

Is it: you had one too many Christmas Cookies. You should stay on that T-mill for an extra 20 minutes?

Although, it could just be: these colors are awesome. More awesome than treadmills, though.

But even better, maybe it's that: sometimes we have to take moments for ourselves, even when were busy.

So besides showing off my new no-chip, I think my point here is this: People get busy. But don't forget to take a moment for yourself... Be it a manicure, a yoga class, an afternoon with the fam, or a rockin' workout. It's important, you guys!

That's all she wrote! Back to blasting calories for me. And until next time, stay fabulous, my friends!