Product Review: Tensage SCA 3 Soothing Cream Moisturizer

Word on the Street/Company Claims: Cryptomphalus Aspersa, a type of snail which has evolved to heal itself with it's own secreted Glycoproteins and growth factors, is the source for the anti-aging element of this moisturizer. SCA is used both for post-procedure (when you REALLY have to kick up the healing process) and to heal sun-damaged or aged skin in a daily home-care regimen. This growth factor promotes healing and skin health.

This particular product is a light weight, yet potent moisturizer which contains SCA.

Nicely designed packaging makes you want to dive right in!Appropriate for who?:

Acne patients (or those who break out easily), those who are concerned with anti-aging or preventative maintenance, and/or who may be healing from a procedure. This product is great for dry skin, normal skin, combination, mature, and reactive/sensitive skin types. 

NOT so good for:

Very, Very, Dry skin, those who desire SPF in their moisturizer, or those who want a more decadent consistency. (These particular people would try the Tensage SCA 6)

Here's my attempt to demonstrate the light/medium-light consistencyTotally Fabuliz: (Favorite part):

This moisturizer has a non-greasy finish and seems to pack a serious punch of potent moisture. I have dry skin, but break out easily... so I am always paranoid of products that build up on the skin or cause congestion... this is not one of them. It also made me feel like my old breakouts were healing faster.

It absorbs completely, but if a creamier SPF is applied on top, (I applied PRESCRIBEDsolutions Up the Anti Oil free SPF 30 during the day) you'll retain a dewey, glowing look and feel, which I liked. Not unlike the Tensage Intensive Serum, it feels like it brightens and smoothes after using it once.

Just OK: Wishing it was in a pump. (it's in a nice-looking jar)

Needs work: n/a!

Star Rating:

★★★3 Stars:  Really nice product, I’d buy it

I'm dry! WAIT: I Break out! WAIT: I can be sensitive! This is for you guys, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde!Misc Notes/Other need-to-know's:

-A little goes a long way.

-If you plan to use this when healing from a procedure, ask your practitioner how they'd like to see you use it. Rumor: layering it on 'like cake frosting' after a chemical peel (or other procedure), allowing most to absorb, and then smoothing out the excess is a great way to calm and hydrate.

-Check out my Post on Biopelle's Tensage SCA technology here

Bottom Line:

Thank GOODNESS that those of us with adult acne (or prone to congestion) have an anti-aging moisturizer that won't cause breakouts! YES!

While I still love the technology behind the highly concentrated HUMAN growth factor in TNS Recovery Complex and TNS Essential Serum, this natural growth factor offers a different approach... with a fun-to-use, cosmetically elegant edge.

Well done, little snails! Once again, we thank you!


★1 Star: Might pass this one up

★★2 Stars: Okay for the money

★★★3 Stars: Really nice product, I’d buy it

★★★★4 Stars: Pretty much deserves a Nobel Peace Prize, want it/need it/ have to have it!